Fellowship Meal & Sunday School

“Fellowship” comes from the original Greek term found in the Bible, “koinonia”. The word means “partnership, sharing and participation together”. Fellowship is crucial to the life of Christians, and it is a highlight of life at GfBC Conroe. During the week, many of us are somewhat scattered geographically, and Sundays are a great time to encourage one another in the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Fellowship has two main components: sharing Truth together and sharing Life together.

Prior to our worship service, we gather in the auditorium for a deliberate time of fellowship (9:45 am). During this “Sunday School” time we study the Word of God and the application of His Word to our everyday lives. Our specific topic varies, providing a range of topics for study and discussion.



Our fellowship continues after our worship service each week as we share a meal together. As we gather for the day, you will see members and repeat guests bringing in covered dishes and crock pots, both homemade and store-bought. We’re not picky! This is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other in a casual environment, to enjoy the children playing together, to discuss the sermon and other things of God, and to encourage each other in the ordinary affairs of life from a Biblical perspective.