A Typical Sunday

As you gather with the members and guests of Grace family Baptist Church of Conroe, you can expect a warm greeting by people who come from far and wide and from many different backgrounds. Some of our members travel well over an hour to gather together on the Lord’s Day, and you will meet a variety of people, younger and older, from suburban and rural, and singles and families of all sizes.

9:45 am – Sunday School

11:00 am –  Worship Service

12:45 pm – Fellowship Meal

We believe that Sundays are to be set apart to the Lord, so we seek to spend a large part of the Lord’s Day together praising Him, studying Him through His Word, and encouraging one another in our faith, along with opportunity to counsel one another through the challenges of this life and this world.

You can expect to find people dressed both casually and more ‘dressed up’, from jeans and boots to suits and ties, from pants to dresses. We’re not hung up on those things, but seek simply to give honor to God in every way. You can expect the fellowship to be lively, often marked with laughter and joy as we share our lives together. Children are welcome in all of our meetings, and we seek to be patient and gentle with them (and each other), as we enjoy the energy they bring as we work together to train them according to the Scriptures.