As a Baptist Church, our government (ecclesiology) is local. This means there is no structure, organization, or denomination which exists over the direct authority of the Lord Jesus as He shepherds each local/visible congregation. We are an autonomous local church, but that does not mean that we exist apart from the greater body of Christ, or that we are unaccountable to other churches.

As an expression of our desire to see Christ proclaimed as broadly as possible, and as expression of our desire to work together with other churches for our mutual good, we have joined together at both a Texas and National level with other Reformed Baptist Churches in a formal association: Texas Area Association of Reformed Baptist Churches and The Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America.

The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies is the seminary born out of the cooperative efforts of the member churches of ARBCA.

Additionally, we are informally supportive of the work of Founder’s Ministries, which seeks to promote historic baptist principles.