Prayer Meeting

Our first meeting together on Sundays is a Prayer Meeting at 11:00 am, held in the building to the rear of the main building. We believe the church gathered corporately in prayer is crucial to the health of the church and is just as important in fulfilling the Great Commission as the preaching of the Gospel, because apart from the Spirit’s work in salvation, no man will ever understand the Word of God as he ought to do. Both the Bible (Acts 2:42, 4:24-31) and church history have demonstrated for us the necessity and blessing of corporate prayer.

During this time each week, one of our men will lead us intentionally to pray for the Great Commission, to pray for civil leaders, for church leaders, for other churches, and of course, for the needs within our body. This Prayer Ministry Brochure helps explain more about the priority we place on prayer along with the format of the meeting.

Expect a laid back but reverent atmosphere in which guests are welcome. The prayer meeting is a great opportunity to get to know the members of GfBC Conroe and also to prepare yourself for worship.